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Integrating Design Thinking In Mechatronics

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Gaurav Peshkar
Avantika University, Vishwanathpuram, Lekoda Villa
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Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that uses elements of design and manufacturing to produce products that have electronic and mechanical components. Mechatronics engineering colleges design programs to equip students with multi-disciplinary skills in the areas of electronics, control, computer and systems design engineering streams. A course in mechatronics enables engineers to design, construct and run factory production lines and automated processes.

Avantika University is among the best mechatronics engineering colleges in India. The mechatronics specialization offered at Avantika emphasizes on design thinking as a core component. Inspired from a philosophy of design, mechatronics values systems thinking and employs a collaborative approach to problem solving. With technological evolution impacting how societies function, innovation and transformation are happening in the context of design engineering. An emphasis on fundamental techniques for elevating the efficiency and reliability of new modeling methods is required for innovation in design engineering.

Design thinking is incorporated in mechatronics to improve knowledge on processes relating to advancement of technologies for autonomous and connected products that enhance sustainable well-being and improve user productivity. Mechatronics helps engineers to optimize a product’s behavior with respect to its learning ability, usability, and reliability. Achieving optimal functionality of systems is made possible as using design thinking in engineering allows for rapid prototyping, adapting, and learning during the process. This makes the process more flexible and responsive. When architecture of the functionalities of products is facilitated by the user-centered design method, it helps bridge the gap between the technology push# and needs of the user and the market.

This branch of engineering has a vast scope in industrial applications. Mechatronics engineering can be applied in the following areas:

Transportation and Vehicle Systems
Telecommunication and Data Communication Networks
Power and Energy Devices
Medical Mechatronics systems
Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing Systems
Consumer Products
Computer Techniques in Medical, Bio-Imaging and Technology Systems
Computer Aided Design
Biomedical Systems

With the huge world of possibilities this field provides, mechatronics engineering colleges are seeing higher enrollment numbers. If you are an aspiring engineering student looking for an institute that allows you to learn mechatronics rooted in the philosophy of design thinking, Avantika University is the right place for you. Find out more about this leading-edge University that has a futuristic vision at .

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