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iNextrix Announced to Offer iCallify Availability under Different Costing Models

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iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company. The company offers various solutions and services and iCallify is one of the products offered by the company. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced that the company will offer iCallify under different costing models.

iCallify is an intelligent call center software, which is a proprietary product of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company offers a licensed version of this intelligent call center solution to its customers. Earlier, this solution was available with an annual license fee. As per the shared details, the company will provide this product with two more options in terms of costing.

“Our intelligent call center software: iCallify is very much in-demand. There are many companies that have already started using it and many companies and people are in-discussion to use it. We have come to know there are some startups and small business owners that want to use this intelligent call center software solution. However, they do not have enough funds to use it being startup or small businesses. Of course, we already have some packages to offer which can be used by the startups or small businesses to use this solution. For example, we offer this solution with as fewer as 5 seats. Still, there are some people that want a less expensive package. To meet their requirements we have introduced two more costing models along with the regular costing model”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, the regular packages of iCallify require customers to pay an annual fee for its license in one go. This costing model is still available to choose for the customers. Along with it, the company has introduced two more models. According to one of the models, the customers can pay the fee on a quarterly basis. It means customers can choose any package as per their requirement to run their call center or customer care center. The fee that they need to pay annually will be segmented in 4 installments and the customers need to pay the same quarterly. Another costing model is a monthly paying model. According to that model, the cost of this intelligent call center software is segmented in 12 installments and customers need to pay them on a monthly basis.

“These models are also beneficial for those customers that are not really sure to pay the annual license fee. As there are many advanced and intelligent call center solutions that fail to meet the customer needs, professionals often feel skeptical to pay the whole fee. Of course, we provide a required demonstration of the solution and all other details needed by the customers, but still, there can be some doubts. To help this type of customer, monthly and quarterly models are perfect”, shared spokesperson of the company.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. As per the shared details, the company offers the best in the industry development services for wearable and AR apps. It also offers ready to use products such as white label mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer, live call monitoring, etc. Intelligent call center software: iCallify is one of the products offered by the company. For more details, please visit

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