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Industrial Robotics Market & Volume Global Forecast by Types

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Globally Industrial robotics means a wide range of robotic systems that helps improve the productivity in high-speed and precision performance in manufacturing. The industrial robotics companies are likely to dominate the global robotics industry in the coming years. The industrial robotics market is dominated by the automotive and electrical & electronics sector. There are many big manufacturing giants of automotive and electronic devices who are successfully using robotics in their assembly line effectively & efficiently and achieve a high-cost reduction in long-term. Therefore automotive & electrical industries are a crucial factor in pushing the global industrial robotics market to the exceptional high in the coming future. According to Renub Research, Industrial Robotics Market is expected to reach US$ 54.47 Billion by 2026.

Five largest markets represent more than 70% of the total global sales volume: the United States, Germany, China, Japan and South Korea. China has the biggest robot market globally, with continued dynamic growth. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, founded in Japan one of the world’s leading automation company has developed a series of industrial robots titled MELFA FR Series. These robots are designed to perform multiple tasks simultaneously as compared to standalone functions that the previous generation robots perform.

Pandemic COVID-19 drives the Industrial Robotics Market

COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the introduction of robots, leading to a renaissance of industrial production in some regions. After the crisis, a considerable boost for robotics and automation, even if the industry cannot currently decouple itself from the economic downturn. Automatism in the electronics industry presents an excellent growth opportunity for traditional industrial robots in the coming years, especially in the Asia-Pacific region where manufacturers are looking to automate their production processes further. Once the crisis is over, manufacturers are planning to increase in-house manufacturing through automation compared to outsourced manufacturing model to mitigate global supply chain risks in the future.

Renub Research report titled “Industrial Robotics Market, Volume Global Forecast by Types (Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Metal, Chemical, Rubber and Plastics, Food, Others, Unspecified), Regions (America, Asia, Australia, Europe & Africa), Companies (Yaskawa Electric Corporation, ABB Limited, Fanuc Corporation, Rockwell Automation, iRobot)” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high–growth of Industrial Robotic Market. In this report, we have studied the industrial robotics market and volume by industry segment, growth factors and challenges for Industrial Robotics market globally.

Global Industrial Robotics Market has been analyzed from two view points

• Market & Forecast
• Volume & Forecast

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Industry Segments Covered in the Report

1. Automotive Industry
2. Electrical & Electronics Industry
3. Metal Industry
4. Chemical, Rubber and Plastics Industry
5. Food Industry
6. Unspecified
7. Others

Countries – Shipment of Robots & Forecast

1. America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil & Rest of South America)
2. Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom & Others)
3. Asia/Australia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand & Others)
4. Rest of the World

All the companies have been studied from two points

• Recent Developments
• Sales Analysis

Key Companies Covered

1. Yaskawa Electric Corporation
2. ABB Limited
3. Fanuc Corporation
4. Rockwell Automation
5. iRobot

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