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Indirapuram Public School Assures to be the Best School for Holistic Development for Girls| Patna

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Indirapuram Public School Girls School
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School is the place where your kid will spend most of their time; exploring their creative side as well as learning the theory of different subjects! And, most importantly how they will interact with the outside world! Not every student can shine in a co-educational school, and when it comes to girls, in particular, the initial development years are really crucial.

So, here is a school that assures to be the best girls school in Patna – Indirapuram public school for girls. Known for the amazing course curriculum and a great stack of extracurricular activities, IPS girls provide holistic development of their students.

With the motto of “To Learn, To Serve, To Excel”, the IPS girls have the vision to acquire the prime academic standards! This also includes the overall personality development of their students through a holistic approach.

They aspire to motivate girls to develop – an understanding and appreciation of India’s rich culture, a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty, a strong secular ethos, leadership with a sense of teamwork and fair play, an awareness about the environment, a concern for the less fortunate, a concern for human rights and democratic values, an inquisitive mind and a spirit of adventure and a global perspective.

They focus on the overall development of girls!

But, why go for a girls school rather than a coeducational school?

They empower girls to stand out:

With the impact of pressure and how they are perceived in the opinion and thinking of others, many girls suppress their personalities and tend to become what is loved by all! And, this is why they need a girls school where they can express their desires, creativity and set themselves apart from others. IPS girls promise to give a friendly environment, and open for the girls to confront others and show their full potential. Not only studies, but IPS girls also encourages girl students to showcase their talent in sports, dance or anything else they love.

They meet girls’ competitive side:

With the same sex being at the girl’s school, girls would accept more challenges. They would be open about sharing their brave side without being judged. Moreover, they will develop their competitive side and feel utterly comfortable for being themselves. Indirapuram girls school in Patna organizes annual activities for the girls to actively participate and show their talents.

They create an inspiring and encouraging environment:

The environment provided by girls’ schools is inviting and inspiring. The Indirapuram girl’s school in Patna provides utter openness for girls to speak and express themselves which ultimately leads to stronger development.

With their student enrichment programme, they motivate their students to explore and discover their talent and skills.

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