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In A Hurry To Put Up A Signage For Your Business? PrintPal Offers Same Day PVC Banners

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London, UK — Today, PrintPal, a provider of Banner printers and business card services, announced that they’ll be expanding the services they offer. Going forward, they’ll also be providing printing for event invitations, booklets, training manuals and PVC banners. The last one, in particular, is being promoted as a same day service that they’re providing to their customers.

Known as the #1 printers in London in terms of customer service and quality, PrintPal was proud to announce that they’ll now be able to entertain requests from businesses for PVC banners. Businesses all over the London area have been experimenting with their marketing tactics for areas with heavy foot traffic especially those that are in corner streets. Due to the densely populated area being incredibly busy throughout the day, advertising has to adapt hour by hour.

PrintPal has a variety of PVC banners available for those that are looking to make adjustments to their promotional material within the day. Other banner printing services include:

* Banners inside malls, the business itself or in general public can be printed on deluxe 500gsm PVC to make hanging seamless

* Banners that need to be oversized to as much as 3m in height x the width specified by the client

* Banners for areas that receive foot and vehicular traffic on both sides requiring it to be double-sided can be printed on premium 700gsm blockout PVC

PrintPal also announced that they’re using all-new material for their mesh PVC banners to ensure that, no matter the weather, they’ll be able to stay up and visible. According to a PrintPal executive, this was one of the most important adjustments that they made for their printing service. All their other prints will also use better material for better visibility and clarity.

A leader in banner printing services, London company PrintPal showcased various examples of the services that they offer. These included:
Training Manuals
Invitations and Postcards
Business Stationery
PVC Banners and Boards
Poster Printing
Business Cards
Banner Design Alteration
Booklets and Brochures
Roller Banners
Exhibition Stands
Leaflet Printing
Web Design

PrintPal has recently risen in popularity among businesses in London due to the hands-off approach that they offer. For most requests, the only thing that they ask for is the logo of the business if there’s any. The rest of the design can be modified later on before printing which meant that businesses don’t need to have an in-house graphic designer on their payroll.

About PrintPal: PrintPal is a printing and graphic design service provider located in London. They print and design various marketing mediums that businesses use to promote both physically and digitally. They also operate a blog where they provide tips regarding the various printing services that they offer. They have been rated as the #1 banner printing company in London in a 2017 survey.

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