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Implement A Database Technology And Its Necessary Protection

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Every organization is aware of the database technology. This technology is used for maintaining the different types of data, such as industrial data, employee data, financial data, etc. A database may include the customers’ details, credit card number, account details, and more. That is why database protection is necessary. Sometimes, an organizational data is used for software training purposes, market research, and many other reasons. In this case, third-party intervention is compulsory. On the other hand, a warehouse database is considered as the large-scale database. So, maintaining the different types of the database is not possible. Anyone can hack the database at any time without prior information. At this present time, the IT service providers are coming with the different database security applications and trying to protect the database.

Firewall protection: –

This is a very popular security tool. It protects the database along with the system. People often think that anti-virus software and firewall software are the same. Actually, these both are different and work different ways. Firewall software is a very useful security application. This application monitors the network, a system, the user’s activity, the data transfer, and more. Without a permission of the firewall software, no data can be transferred. But, the firewall protection can be used in an individual device.

The Database security tool: –

A proper database management system is required for maintaining the database security. The Database management system is also known as the DBMS tool. The database auditing tool, the data masking solution, the database monitoring tool, etc. come under the database management system or the database security tool. Every database security tool works on its own server and database. But, many database security tools can work with the different types of the database. In the case of database privacy, the database performance monitoring tools play the significant role. MySQL monitoring tool, Oracle monitoring tool, Hive monitoring tool, etc. different types of database monitoring tools are available.

The importance of a database monitoring tool
The database monitoring tool monitors the database and the server for 24 hours.
An organization can find the details of the database performance with the help of a database monitoring tool.
It sends a daily report or weekly or monthly report to the system administrator as per the requirements.

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