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Impact Drill: Avail up to 20% discount on Holiday Gifting Pop up Sale!

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The 18v impact wrench drivers are fast and powerful with the quick-changing clamp, which can accommodate the drill along with the driver bits having hexagonal shanks. As you pull the collet forward, the bit is slipped in and when you release, the clamp action is engaged. The motor of the driver generates power through fast rotary bursts and by producing more torques according to requirement it also keeps your wrist protected as most of the force is applied downwards.

Enegitech offers 18V impact driver power tool varieties which can be used to drive larger fasteners like lag bolts and long screws than the standard drills with the use of the adapter. As a matter of fact, the impact drills are more useful where you need more torque than the precision of the hole placement and hence, you will find these advantageous to use while drilling through knotty wood and dense metal.

Winter holidays have started in many places or are yet to start and with Christmas, there will be a requirement of drilling holes on tree trunks, wooden planks or brick walls to hang any decorative accessories. Now you can get your choice of impact drivers a discount of up to 20%.

The ET05 electric cordless impact wrench and cordless driver drill with its battery charger is a small-sized tool weighing only 2.2lbs to reduce muscle fatigue while operating. It has heat and energy-efficient brushless motor with two-speed settings (0 to 500 and 0 to 1650 RPM) and four power controls for controlling the battery output. The clutch with 20 position settings lets you adjust the torque (maximum 42Nm) according to the purposes of drilling.

Check out the upgrade cordless impact driver with or without charger and batteries to make the best out of the brushless motor that is 50% energy efficient and generates a maximum 350 Nm torque with a maximum 2700 RPM speed. From scaffolding to woodworks, this multifunctional cordless impact drill will prove to be useful, especially with shock absorption feature, electric brake system, four-speed controlling trigger, LED indicator and forward-reverse gear.

Get the best deal out of the cordless impact wrench with charger and battery that is compatible with all the Makita 18v battery of 18V. With a brushless motor, the tool has a variable speed of 0 to 2700 RPM and 0 to 3500 RPM while the torque is as high as 350 nm. It comes with the reversible button so that you can adjust the working directions clockwise and anti-clockwise for fastening or loosening.

If you are looking for the best impact drill with four-speed controls, the brushless impact driver with batteries and two chargers can be a great tool compatible with Makita replacement batteries. While the brushless motor saves energy to run 50% longer than standard drills, the cordless tool makes way for safe operation with four-speed controls ranging from 0 to 2700 RPM and 0 to 3500 RPM. You can be assured of no cross-threading and screw cam-out issues as the tool comes with a Mode button that stops the machine after a few seconds.

While standard drills are versatile, the impact drills come with lots of advantages especially when you are handing an extensive project that needs a great amount of force. Save your money spent on these impact drivers by availing the Christmas special discount and do your drilling jobs without tiring your body.

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