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Iatrogenesis of Social Distancing: Thoughts on flaws in the deeper structure of society.

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We are in the midst of a global pandemic with a financial crisis staring right at us. Social distancing is being followed as a preventive measure to flatten the curve. Shailesh Dhuri, CEO Decimal Point Analytics, discusses the iatrogenesis of social distancing in his recently published article.

He is of the opinion that it is useful to debate this point but only in the wider context of the structure of our society as it is today. The article raises the question about who should carry the moral burden of such a decision and whether it is time to ditch the indirect democracy in favor of direct democracy enabled by technology.
It also highlights the flaws in capitalism, whereby a drastic drop in demand becomes a vicious cycle and whether we can imagine a direct democracy with extreme transparency-based command and control system replace price signal-based capitalism.

It also explores two more points Homeostatic of Evolution and the Dynamic Imbalance of the financial system.

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