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How to book Ads easily : We have the solution.

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The process is far simpler than that and even a middle school student have the skill to book newspaper Ads.
The AD booking process is very easy as compared to others.
The most important, ReleasemyAD provides the best service cheapest rates

Your AD service will be available starting ftom the day you pay the desired amount . For more information on [product/service], visit

About ReleaseMyAD:

releaseMyAd started in 2009 and has been on an epic ride ever since. Through all these years we have been relentlessly working towards making advertising in traditional media efficient for established as well as upcoming brands alike.

Leveraging information on historic Ad pricing and vacant Ad inventory, we serve every advertiser with “Cost Effective Advertising” solutions. Our platform has been designed to assist customers across all categories and sizes to release advertisements in the media of their choice. We propagate the idea of “Smart Media Buying”, wherein we can optimize your ad spending budget significantly.

Steps to follow:

I am going to explain the step by step instructions on how to post a Hindustan Times newspaper Ad.

Step 1: Setup an account in
Step 2: Confirm your email address
Step 3: Go to the landing page of

Step 4: Click on the box below “WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO ADVERTISE” characters. There will be a list of newspapers. You can select any newspaper in which you want your Ad to publish. Select Hindustan times and then click on the “GO” button.

Step 5: You will see the three types of Ads. Select whatever the Ad you want to publish. For example, I select the classified text Ad. Before selecting what type of Ad you want to give, read about the types of Ads on the same page and the corresponding prices.

Step 6: You can see there are a lot of categories. Select a suitable category.

Step 7: Select the “SELECT EDITION” option and select the location in which Ad is to be published. Select any package shown below by clicking on the “BOOK” button.

Step 7: Just type the information that has to be published inside the dialogue box. If you need some options like background colour and enhancements, you can tick the option and that might cost you extra bucks. After filling out the required data, click on the “SELECT DATES AND PAY” button. You will see the payment page.

Step 8: Select the dates on which the Ad is to be published and click on the “PREVIEW YOUR BOOKING DETAILS” button. You can check the preview of the booking details. Then click on “SELECT PAYMENT METHOD” button. Select the payment method and then enter the details and then click on “MAKE PAYMENT”.

That’s it. Your Ad is ready to be published on the dates you have selected and your goal will be attained whatever it is. The reason for choosing as the platform is, they are the ones who provide newspaper Ads at low cost and the process of registering the Ad is very simple. So, don’t have your time and grab the chance of getting married, or selling your land or promoting your business with releasemyad at very low cost.

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