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How Reading tools Can Help Readers – See-N-Read Reading Tools

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Aurora, IL, 2022: Reading is a skill which significantly enhances cognitive power, intellectual & emotional intelligence, communication skills and different faculties of human mind. There are various innovative solutions offered by See-N-Read to increase reading efficiency.

About the Organization

See-N-Read specializes in creating economical & ingenious solutions to enhance reading experience. Their effective reading tools help to build fluency, enhance visual processing and address various other reading barriers. They use research-based and classroom-tested approach to create a specific learning or reading tool. Each tool is designed to refine reading, thinking, and study skills of people of all ages.

How Reading Tools Can Help Readers

• Minimizes distractions.
• Reduces line skipping and pattern glare without blocking context, hence improving fluency and comprehension.
• Allows the reader to make notes, underline or highlight key text while focusing the place on the page.
• Helps to improve academic vocabulary.
• Empower learning capabilities in students.
• Offers computer compatible support which makes it easier to read via digital screens.
• Helps to build strong retaining power.
• Creates a systematic and seamless reading experience by retrieving the key information.
• Supports main idea in a text versus the non‐essential information.
• Helps to build a continuous flow of reading.
• Enhances the connection between reading, recognition and comprehension.
• Motivates the reader.
• Uplifts reading spirit in children.
• Breaks down the reading-learning barriers.
• Provides utmost comfort and convenience while reading.

Reading Tools Offered by See-N-Read

• Reading Strip
• Memory Mark
• Electronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs
• Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide
• Colour Tag Study Recall System

To know more about their products & services, visit them at 2533 Sutton Lame, Aurora, IL 60502-9461. For further information and details, fill the contact form available at

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