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How do factories carry out foreign trade business

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In the past, the traditional factory made products to be sold to foreign trade companies, and then foreign trade companies earned high price differences and export tax rebates. These foreign trade factories want to set up their own independent foreign trade stations and do their own foreign trade exports. This is a good choice, because it doesn’t need a lot of money to build a foreign trade website, and it can receive customers at the end, so the profit can be improved a lot. But it should be noted that the factory needs to set up a professional network promotion department to operate this website, which is professional people do professional things.

Foreign trade factory transformation has its own advantages in foreign trade:

1.Grasp the industry trend accurately. The foreign trade factory will collect a lot of customer information in the process of transformation, which is very helpful to grasp the industry form in the future.

2.It is easier to control the quality of self-produced products.

3. The price has an absolute advantage. The foreign trade factory makes its own products and sells them. It saves the intermediate link and many unnecessary expenses, so the price is more advantageous.

Now that these factories have advantages, they must also have disadvantages.

1. It must be promoted and operated to do foreign trade. The factory has rich experience in production, but it is lack of experience in operation. Don’t underestimate the promotion and operation, which also requires a lot of professional knowledge and a lot of investment.

2. The products are single. Our own factories generally only produce one kind of products. For foreign trade customers, there are not many things to choose from, so it is also a disadvantage.

The initiative of traditional foreign trade factory is in the hands of customers. Now the transformation is to give the initiative to ourselves and then build our own brand. However, the transformation of foreign trade factories can not be accomplished overnight, which requires you to slowly seek experience from mistakes and find a suitable way for yourself.

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