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How coronavirus affects stock trading

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As the coronavirus continues to spread, many companies are suffering huge losses.
At the same time, stocks of certain corporations, in turn skyrocketed in value. Business is now actively considering ways to capitalize on the coronavirus.

This threatens to increase prices for many products. Our website understood who earned money on the Asian epidemic and how it would turn out for buyers.

Chinese coronavirus has become the most discussed topic in recent months. The extent of its spread, the number of deaths and infected people really calls a panic sentiments in society. As you know, people are ready to pay any amount of money in the struggle for survival, so demand creates supply and radically changes the price of requested goods.
In real life now pharmaceutical companies are still won, with sales of antiviral medicines increasing several times over the course of days. Concerned people around the world are buying up any medications for prevention. Forinstance, along with antiviral drugs, the demand for medical masks has grown significantly. In some countries pharmacy chains raised their prices 40 times.

Head of partner programs of the credit and investment platform “” – Marc Barrett:
— The economic law of supply and demand applies here. Due to the hype, the price can exceed the fair level at several times. The saddest thing is that if the panic will become so strong that they will earn even more on the people’s trust. Of course, this should be in the focus of the supervisory authorities, which should inform citizens to prevent this, —
Marc Barrett noted that dialogue with business and the creation of conditions to fill the market will bring to a balance of demand and supply. If there is no shortage, then the hype should soon subside, and price will go down.

Credit Research Analyst of Credit and Investment Platform “”, Joel Terrell:
— Our experts timely reached the key conclusions on the distribution of assets related to healthcare, thanks to this increased the profit for its investors by more than 14.2% per month.-
We want to note that since 2019, the platform has become available for non-accredited investors, which means that any inhabitant of the planet can make aт invesment and earn a profit.

Financial engineer of the credit and investment platform “”, Bennett Warner:
— Since the spread of the virus, we have issued over 60 loans to pharmaceutical companies.-
By the way, shares holders of companies involved in the production of protective equipment and the development of vaccines were also able to make good money. For example, the shares of the biotechnological company Vir Biotechnology have risen by almost 70% since the beginning of the year and reached a historic high of $ 27.48. Vir Biotech has four technology platforms that are used to develop treatments for infectious diseases, including influenza and tuberculosis. So investors are waiting for the company to develop a vaccine against coronavirus. At the same time, stocks of the leading face mask manufacturer – Alpha Pro Tech rised up to almost the same level, showing growth in 62.8% since January 21. – make your future better

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