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How can you reduce your Hero Fincorp Personal Loan Interest Rate?

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If you are planning to apply for a personal loan from Hero Fincorp, you should be aware that it is an unsecured loan. So, the lender would not ask for any mortgage or collateral from you but may charge a high-interest rate. In fact, personal loan interest rates are among the highest, compared to other types of loans. However, you may have to fulfil certain conditions for lowering your Hero Fincorp Personal Loan Interest Rate.

·         Income

Your income is the main deciding factor of your personal loan interest rates since Hero Fincorp considers that people with high disposable income have a greater repayment capacity than those with lower incomes. So, they lend funds to people with high and stable disposable income at lower interest rates on their loans. For borrowers with lower income levels, the Hero Fincorp Personal Loan Interest Rate is usually high.

·         Credit Score

Credit score has an important role in both loan approvals and Hero Fincorp Personal Loan Interest Rate. The credit score considers your overall financial condition in terms of income, existing debt, borrowing behaviour, and past repayment history. A high credit score would increase your chances of getting loans at lower interest rates compared to others. For example, a score of more than 750.

·         Status of your employer

Personal loans are unsecured, so, Hero Fincorp would look for various factors that assure your creditworthiness. They may consider the status of your employer and if you work in a well-known organisation, you would be more financially solvent than others and make timely payments. So, the interest rate may go down if you work with certain organisations.

·         Debt-to-income Ratio

The debt-to-income ratio is the ratio of all your debt payments divided by your total income. Hero Fincorp would check whether a major part of your salary is going into debt repayments. This would affect the interest rate. A higher debt-to-income ratio means you have a high debt burden and they may charge a higher interest rate on your loan due to this reason.

·         Relationship with the Lender

Hero Fincorp is flexible in charging lower interest rates if you are a trusted client. If you have been a past client or are currently associated with them and have been trustworthy so far, your Hero Fincorp Personal Loan Interest Rate may be less. It requires a long period of time to achieve this reputation.

·         History of Defaults

Hero Fincorp would check for defaults in your credit history and charge you a very high rate of interest or might even reject your loan application. They prefer applicants with zero defaults over the past 12 months.

You can avail of a Hero Fincorp Personal Loan Interest Rate, provided that you fulfil certain conditions required by Hero Fincorp as they take strict measures to avoid the risk of non-repayment by borrowers in case of personal loans. This is because personal loans are unsecured and Hero Fincorp cannot claim any collateral or mortgage to make up for the losses.

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