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Hourpay Ltd Launching Its Cryptocurrency Investment Platform for Global Customers

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Canada; 21, June 2017: Trading in global currencies or foreign exchange trade to be precise, is not what it used to be. The acute precariousness that even the stable currencies like the dollar, euro or yen are subject to in the current economic scenario are keeping stakeholders in the worldwide forex markets on tenterhooks. However, diehard investors and capitalists who’ve stashed away millions and are at loss to figure out how to put their idle wealth to optimum use can turn to the virtual world for an ingenious solution. For some years now, crypto currency transactions where bitcoins are used, have become rife in the online world and is rising in popularity with every passing day. Hourpay Ltd, an established exchange dealing with bitcoins maintains that investors can commence trading crypto currencies simply by staking some dollars and choosing an hour fast pay plan.

Thousands of investors and financiers trust HourPayLtd with their investments and for good reasons. One does not have to deal with any middlemen for trading and there are no fees to be paid either. To get started, the investor will need to become HourPay’s partner and for that the individual will have to fulfill the registration formalities. Once an account profile of the person is created, he or she’ll find a link for affiliation. Then again, the affiliate partner of HourPay will not have to submit soft or hard copies of documents with regards to identity verification prior to investing or before resorting to funds withdrawal.

Anybody who wishes to take advantage of the web-based or online crypto currency trade will be allowed to operate just a single account profile registered from a distinct IP address. Attempting to trade using multiple accounts indexed on different IP addresses will automatically set off the verification mechanism and the trader will be blocked out from the platform. Traders can invest using bitcoins or several other payment systems including Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bankwire, Perfect Money, and LiteCoin. HourPay is planning to introduce more payments in the near future. Investors can choose from 4 separate investment plans with instant per hour payouts. There’s one plan that pays an interest of 1.1- 1.15% per hour for 4 days (96 hours) at a stretch where the investor has to deposit a minimum of $20 and the maximum permissible investment amount is $10,000.

Then again, there’s another instant per hour pay plan where investors receive an interest of 2.2%-2.5% on principal investment amount for a period of 50 hours. For taking benefit of this plan, one has to invest a minimum of $500 and the ceiling limit is $50,000. Since the interest is payable every hour, the trader can make corresponding hourly withdraws.

About Hourpay Ltd:

Hourpay Ltd is a reputed commercial exchange that traders can register with for trading in crypto currencies.

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