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Hodusoft Conferencing Solution Now Available in Single and Multi-Tenant Configuration

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Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, global leaders in the VoIP technologies segment, announced the availability of their well acclaimed conferencing solution in single user and multi-tenant configuration. This development comes in response to requests pouring in from small businesses for single user model as well as requests from larger enterprises for multi-tenant type, which, incidentally can be used as a service model by service providers. They can use this to offer conferencing as a service. 

It is no surprise that there is a huge demand for Hodusoft’s multi-tenant conferencing solution. It is packed with features at a price point that is hard to match. It has everything that is required in audio conferencing software such as dynamic conference creation, authentication, different modes of use, phone books and others that are standard to high end solutions. It is easy to initiate a conference using a mobile from anywhere and invite participants, have one-to-one chats or one to many chats or show of hand among other features. All these features are available through a very easy to use interface that takes just a few minutes to become familiar with. 

However, what sets Hodusoft’s multi-tenant audio conferencing solution apart is audio quality. Our team has gone into overdrive to emphasize audio clarity which is so vital for business conferences. The audio conferencing solution incorporates virtually all known audio media codecs and protocols in use across the world so users never have to face compatibility or handshake issues. Further refinements aid in excellent audio regardless of internet speed at any point and regardless of the number of participants. It is like a face to face experience though participants may be in various countries around the world. Superb audio goes hand in hand with excellent security. Better audio translates to closing more deals and revenues. 

So far Hodusoft offered audio conferencing solution as an on-premise solution for single users which suits businesses of all sizes. However, there are instances where global multi-national companies may wish to have segmented services but with overall centralized management. This is why Hodusoft also added-multi-tenant capabilities to the pack. Now, multi-tenant users can have centralized control and then assign permissions to each tenant and also define rates for accounting purposes, making this ideal for enterprises with branches. This feature can also help service providers offer multi-tenant conferencing as a service to their business clients and gain extra revenues. 

Hodusoft, said the VP, customizes features on demand but there is little need since its conferencing package is so comprehensive and easy to use. Full support is available before, during and after the installation. Hodusoft’s conferencing software, claimed the VP, simply eclipses all others. 

Businesses interested in installing single user or multi-tenant conferencing solutions may get in touch with Hodusoft on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on 


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