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Hodusoft Announce Inbound Call Center Software for Telecom Industries

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Hodusoft, a unit of VoIP tech experts Ecosmob, announced launch of inbound call center software developed specifically for telecom industries. “The development of this inbound call center software for telecom is the outcome of our study of how telecom business operates and their difficulties,” said the VP on the occasion. 

Telecom industry has major concerns such as increasing sales and keeping existing customers satisfied with prompt responses. Another one is handling routine queries and the third one is to enhance agent productivity and make it easier for them to handle high traffic volumes without stress. Hodusoft’s call center software, he said addresses all these issues since it has quite a few embedded features guaranteed to improve the customer experience. 

Elaborating on these features he said that the current call center software incorporates social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with Whatsapp integration around the corner. This is in addition to email, chat, SMS and voice in addition to intelligent IVR. All these are integrated into a unified dashboard that allows an agent to have a bird’s eye view of what is happening. It is easy for them to get in touch with a person who has made a tweet and then steer the customer to voice or even video. Speaking about vide, the VP said that the current iteration includes WebRTC. Customer experience increases exponentially with a face to face video chat. 

One of the most important developments in Hodusoft’s contact center solution is integration of AI at various levels. Ecosmob has chipped in with its team of AI developers to endow the inbound call center software’s various features with “smarts” such as intelligent call routing, multi-lingual capabilities, intelligent IVR and intelligent skill based mapping. All these translate to fast response and resolution for customers and streamlined work distribution for agents. AI is also reflected in acute analysis of customer behaviors that helps the telecom industry reduce churn rates and also to rope in more customers with refined strategies. “Our focus is on enhancing the telecom customer experience and on making life easier for telecom agents. This call center solution achieves both objectives.”

Then there are vital extras such as porting the solution to Zoho CRM, SMS broadcasting and surveys that will surely help telecom industries derive more advantage. Hodusoft offers the contact center software as a hosted package, up and running in less than a day, backed by total support and ongoing upgrades. “We have even more exciting plans for the future to make this a smarter and more capable tool to handle tomorrow’s challenges,” he concluded. 

Telecom operators interested to know more may get in touch with Hodusoft on 91 79 48939393 or 1-707-7-8-4638 or simply chat live on 


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