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Hodusoft Announce Contact Center Software with Smart Auto Dialer Software

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Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced availability of smart auto dialer software for call center software. “This smart dialer can be integrated into existing contact center software that lacks this feature. It is also part of Hodusoft’s call center software that call centers can upgrade to through a simple process,” said the VP. 

Dialers in call center software work in different ways explained the VP. The simplest one is the manual one. Agents simply select a list and manually call a target after completing one call. Then there are variations that reduce the wait times and keep agents busy such as an auto dialer. This automatically “senses” when an agent is about to finish a call. It dials a number, detects if there is a human or answering machine at the other end and connects the agent to talk with the human target. Answering machines receive a text or voice message for the owner. The trouble is that such auto dialers are pre-programmed with set duration. Call duration may be variable and if there is a finite time then agents would rush to wind up an ongoing call resulting in a less-than-happy experience for customer. Agents may have option to punch a number when they are about to terminate an existing call. 

Some auto dialers simply pick from a list of numbers assigned to an agent and dial out in sequence. This scenario can see some agents heavily burdened while others sit free. This means uneven load distribution and reduced productivity. 

Hodusoft’s intelligent auto dialer overcomes these and other shortcomings in programmed or manual dialers. Intelligence at work through algorithms helps the dialer work smartly by determining when a call is nearing completion and dialing out a number, checking for human response and transferring the call to the agent. Smart auto dialers do not stick to a list assigned to one agent but will assign the call to an agent who is free. This assures even distribution and reduced stress for agents. It also leads to satisfactory interactions leading to more conversions in outbound campaigns for which the call center software is used. 

Hodusoft’s latest iterations of contact center software incorporates quite a bit of artificial intelligence in various components such as auto dialers, analytics and reporting to maximize returns. The auto dialer has come in for specific treatment since it is the pivot around which outbound campaigns revolve and a basis for achieving maximum throughput with optimal conversions. 

Hodusoft offers call center software with intelligent auto dialer software integrated into it and connected to the CRM. It also offers auto dialer software as a stand alone module that can be integrated into existing legacy call center solutions and enhances capabilities. It is more affordable and less disruptive. Hodusoft offers this service with solid support to ensure seamless integration. Of course, call center operators can always choose to go for the complete call center solution and upgrade their support backbone. 

Call center operators and enterprises interested in auto dialer software may get in touch with Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on


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