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Helps Real Estate – Precise Real Estate Agent Can Truly Make The Difference

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Michel Ablan
NY 13601 
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Founder of the NNY Home Buyer talks regarding to real estate and investment problems with modern solutions.

Watertown, NY – Let me ask you a question. Are you stuck with a piece of property that needs expensive repairs? Were you gifted a property through a death in the family, but your busy life makes it impossible to manage? Or maybe you have tenants who seem to live solely for the purpose of making your life miserable?

If you answered yes, or have a similar situation, then maybe we can help.

With a background in finance, investing and construction, we here at NNY Home Buyers are focused on helping people through their tough situations so that they can shed the headaches and move on with their lives. We work together with local real estate investors to help provide solutions to people’s real estate problems. Here’s a short list of services we offer

• Cash purchases with quick closings. Typically 7-10 days depending on the circumstance.
• Owner Financing where we will pay YOU a monthly payment plus interest. This is a great option if you want to avoid paying that big tax bill
• Negotiating with banks to help sell your house before they foreclose and ruin your credit

We can also help you sell your home on the open market for full market value if you’re not in any hurry to sell!

No matter the situation, no matter the problem, I gaurentee we can work with you to come up with a solution. Please don’t hesitate to visit our website at

About The NNY Home Buyer
With our financial and investment background, we have expanded our activities in the real estate market. Our main goal is to help people get out of their difficult situations so they can continue their lives without the burden the real estate sector can create. We co-finance funds from local investors to help buy property from unhappy sellers who want to get under their unwanted property. With cash offers and creative funding strategies, we hope to help address the headaches that affect the minds of vendors.

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