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Hearing Aid Practitioner and Clinic in Ontario

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The Ear Depot understands the trauma faced by people suffering from hearing problems or hearing loss. With more than 35 years of experience, four locations, and over four thousand happy clients, The Ear Depot has become the leading hearing aid clinic of Peterborough, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Services offered by The Ear Depot include:

Hearing testing
Hearing ability can be lost for various reasons and the ears need to be tested to find the reasons. The Ear Depot offers hearing testing in three steps –

• Initial meeting: First they have a meeting with their clients and ask questions to understand their situation so that they can offer the right solution. They enquire if the patient is having difficulty in understanding conversation or if the patient has a feeling that others are mumbling.

• Checking hearing levels: The level of hearing ability can be checked in a soundproof booth. The hearing aid practitioners of The Ear Depot carry out audio tests in the booth and determine the hearing level of a patient so that the patient can be guided further.

• Practical demonstration: After the conversation and audio test, The Ear Depot provides the patient with a full detail related to the hearing health. Moreover, the hearing aid clinic offers properly fit hearing aids to let the patient know what it sounds like when sound is clear.

Professionally fit hearing aids
The Ear Depot offers several types of hearing aid, including –

• Invisible in the canal: This hearing aid can be matched with the patient’s skin tone so that it cannot be noticed after wearing inside the canal. The clinic recommends it for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

• The receiver in the canal: This sophisticatedly designed hearing aid can fit in the ear easily. The size of this aid can be easily adjusted, and the patient can choose his preferred color. The Ear Depot recommends it for mild to severe hearing loss.

Ear Wax Removal
Earwax protects the ear from bacteria and other infectious elements. However, excessive earwax buildup causes the loss of hearing ability. However, trying ear wax removal on your own can be dangerous and harmful. The Ear Depot performs a professional earwax removal for the clients that is safe and comfortable.

Tinnitus management
Tinnitus refers to a constant ringing in the ears. The Ear Depot deals with tinnitus in two steps –

• Tinnitus counseling: Through tinnitus counseling, the clinic helps the clients to understand tinnitus better and overcome any fear related to it.

• Tinnitus sound therapy: The Ear Depot performs tinnitus sound therapy to ensure that the ringing sounds bothers a bit less and the patient feels comfortable.

To learn more about the services offered at The Ear Depot, or to book an appointment at one of their 4 locations, visit their website:

About The Ear Depot
Hearing instrument practitioner Brenda Cowan founded The Ear Depot in 1991. She started her career earlier in 1982. The Ear Depot combines the use of latest technology and sincere customer service. At present, The Ear Depot has four locations respectively in Peterborough, Bancroft, Barry’s Bay, and Marmora.

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