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Haiku Designs Is Now Showcasing Its Stylized Mirrors

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Mark Klosterman
2905 Center Green Court
Colorado 80301 
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Boulder, CO – Haiku Designs offers beautiful decorative mirrors featuring high optical quality with a pristine surface that reflects distinct images. Just shop conveniently from their online store to accentuate the interior décor of your home or office.

Haiku Designs is now expanding their interior repertoire to include a wide collection of handcrafted mirrors, from round dresser-top mirrors to floor mirrors to wall mirrors, all of which will allow you the freedom to be as versatile as you want with inventive ideas for interior design. Each mirror is visually precise, when it comes to reflection, and each mirror is framed in sheer glass or hand-polished solid wood.These exquisite mirrors can be hung horizontally or vertically, offering a variety in placement that adds a level of sophistication to the décor of your walls and rooms.

Hanging a mirror on your wall can add both depth and style to your living space. Mirrors not only offer unique accents that make a difference when it comes to special relations, but they can also contribute a touch of Feng Shui. Mirrors represent a key factor in the application of Feng Shui. Used as an expression of water, the correct placement of mirrors can bring free-flowing energy to any area of your home or office.

Haiku Designs has a variety of affordable, modern furniture that will enhance the decor of your personal surroundings. As a Green company dedicated to sustainability, their furnishings are made from high quality, renewable materials with no toxic emissions whats ever .If you’re interested in a unique combination of beauty, durability and eco-friendly values, please, visit

About the Company

Haiku Designs is an eco-friendly company that offers modern, Asian, and contemporary furniture designed to complement and enhance any home environment. You can buy directly online via their website at, with low-cost and/or free shipping to anywhere within the United States, Canada or any other country. If you prefer to view their products in person, you can always visit their retail showroom, which is located in Boulder, Colorado.

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