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Growing Adoption of Industrial IoT to drive Global Industrial Cleaning Robot Market

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A recent report on Global Industrial Cleaning Robot Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022, states that the industrial cleaning robot market is going to witness unit shipment of more than 34,260 units during the forecast period. The exclusive report, which is published by premier research firm, Beige Market Intelligence, consists of 121 pages and provides detailed insights about the global industrial cleaning robot market.

View Report: Global Industrial Cleaning Robot Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022

Global Industrial Cleaning Robot Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022

Industrial cleaning robot is an extension of IoT applications in industries. These robots make work simple and convenient in hazardous environments where human lives are at risk to injuries and accidents. In addition, deployment of these robots saves time, as well as, money for manufacturers. Thus, the growing application of IoT in industries worldwide is going to have a positive effect on the sale of industrial cleaning robot during the forecast period.

Increasing Investment in Industrial IoT by Vendors

With rising internet penetration globally, the world has been witnessing a rising penetration of industrial IoT (Internet of Things) in various industries, and various vendors are exploring ways of using IoT to streamline manufacturing processes and SPM (supply chain management) as well as to deliver more personalized customer experience. Analysts at Beige Market Intelligence say that Industries worldwide are increasing their spending on industrial IoT. Hence the increased investment in the Industrial IoT market will also boost the global industrial cleaning robot market.

Shortage of Industrial Workers to affect Industrial Cleaning Robot Market Growth

Labor-intensive industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and chemicals have been witnessing an increasing dearth of skilled workforce in developed countries. As these industries face acute labor shortage, industrial robots are finding their way to fill the gap. The autonomous nature of robots gives them a superior edge over humans as they can work without human intervention 24×7. Further, manual labor services such as cleaning can be performed efficiently by industrial cleaning robot as it can reach places where humans cannot (for example, inside a pipe or duct system).

Moreover, increased industrial automation in developed countries has paved the way for these cleaning robots to find their application in mainstream processes, as well as, complementary processes such as high-pressure washing of industrial equipment. Thus, the demand for industrial cleaning robot is increasing in this sector as they help industries achieve high work utilization through the optimum usage and application of these robots.
The report offers a detailed study of major driving factors, emerging trends, market analysis, and profiles the leading vendors. It also include major geographies and key countries of the global industrial cleaning robot market.

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