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These days with advanced technology, we forget to nurse surrounding plants. We can preserve our plants and lead a healthy life by the method of greenhouse farming. A greenhouse is a framed structure made of transparent material chiefly of glass where plants and vegetables are grown under controlled climatic conditions. It’s a simple method which is being used around the world mostly in Canada due to its freezing weather.


A greenhouse works by converting the sun’s light energy into heat energy. The sunrays penetrate in the greenhouse through the glass ceiling, where the heat gets trapped inside the glass walls and warms up the air. This system of heating the air molecules creates an artificial environment in the greenhouse that sustains plants despite the cold weather outside the room. It is similar to the greenhouse effect where sunlight is trapped inside the atmosphere. The gas inside the greenhouse is called greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse Lighting

The greenhouse is entirely based on the heat energy from the sun. Generally, the greenhouse needs six hours of light each day and in the rainy season to maintain the same heat we use artificial supplement lights to keep the room warm. We use the greenhouse growing lights to keep the room warm which promotes the growth of plants. There are few basic types of grow lights such as incandescent lights, fluorescent, T-5 Fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED. Plants respond differently to different colors such as blue light and red light, which has a greater impact on

Incandescent lights are cost-efficient and get extremely hot, so they must be used with care. Fluorescent grow lights are a common choice for homeowners, which is energy efficient and easy to install. The T-5 fluorescent lights triple the light output but similar to normal fluorescent lights. HID lights give extremely high output and cover a huge area where it is used by many commercial growers. There are two types of HID such as Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium. Recently used grow lights are the LED lights that are small and provide blue and red light, which maintains balance for plants.

Final thoughts

The greenhouse has many benefits like a longer growing season, and we can maintain the weather condition for plants to grow effectively and allows you to plant more warm-season vegetables. It protects your plants from animals, pests, and insects. The greenhouse is worth investing money on where you can grow seasonal and non-seasonal plants and vegetables year-round.

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