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Grand Mirrors Launches LUMIERE, Lighted Mirror with Frosted Edge Back Light

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Grand Mirrors by Evervue USA Inc., the leading global lighted mirror company that designs and manufactures premium quality lighted mirrors introduces the newest addition to its product line called LUMIÈRE.

Grand Mirrors LUMIÈRE creates a beautiful bathroom mirror built with Frosted Edge Back Light that is up to three inches wide. The light spreads out evenly all around the mirror and goes through the front and back that provides indirect light to the bathroom or anywhere you want to install it.

Like the other Grand Mirrors lighted mirrors, it comes with standard LED light options such as Warm, Cool and True Light, and Philip LED options; Philips Warm Light, Philips Mid-Warm and Philips Cool Light.

Grand Mirrors LUMIÈRE also integrates a light transfer technology which causes the light to be directed right towards you resulting in a very effective light that is up to three times brighter than other mirrors.

With our CNC computerized mirror cutting machines, LUMIÈRE can be customized according to your style and size you want. It comes with a wide variety of different styles and custom shapes that you can think of.

Grand Mirrors LUMIÈRE comes complete with sturdy wall mounts. You can simply mount the strips on the wall, connect the mirror to power and hang it against the wall. The installation is easy and it usually takes within 30-40 minutes.

To know more about the Grand Mirrors LUMIERE and other lighted mirrors of Grand Mirrors by Evervue USA Inc., please visit our website:

About Evervue USA Inc.:
Evervue USA Inc. is redefining the realm of Bathroom Television, Mirror Television, Kitchen Television, Outdoor Televisions, Lighted Mirrors and Smart Mirrors since 2001. With subsidiaries worldwide, Evervue products are installed in many houses, business, restaurant, and hotels and continue to delight guests with its unique hospitality solutions.

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