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Gold Coast Digestive Health – get treated to lead a healthy life.

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: Gold Coast Digestive Health
13Kurrambee Avenue Ashmore, QLD 4214
gold coast
Phone:07 5676 5076

Natasha Martin’s gold coast digestive health is the home for diagnosing and treating patients with digestion problems. Natasha Martin is a well known renowned Naturopathic physician in Gold Coast. She is high qualified and have an sixteen years of working experience in Australia’s top medical facilities before starting her own health practice. She is a specialist in live blood analysis and cellular health analysis. Natasha Martin’s gold coast digestive health is one among the few clinics which uses latest naturopathic technology in Gold Coast.

Digestive Health:
Our health depends upon the perfect function of gastrointestinal tract system. It is a system which digests our food, absorbs energy and nutrients and expels the remaining waste. Perfect digestive health is the key to healthy life and people are not aware about this completely. Some digestive symptoms are diarrhea, constipation and malabsorption. Unhealthy gut results in obesity, depression and behavioural disorder.Gut contains ten times more bacteria than any other human cell which protects from infection and regulates metabolism.

Principles of gold coast digestive health:
Natasha Martin’s gold coast digestive health organizes health services for people needs and expectations. Their motive is to maintain an acceptable standard of quality care. They make service more responsive and sensitive to the need to people. They provide best naturopathic treatment with finest technology and suggest treatment plans which is best for the patient.

Services of gold coast digestive health:
Natasha Martin’s gold coast digestive health advices each and every patient to go through pathology testing in order to give them their current health condition. They provide awareness programs about their diet and physical exercise. They use world’s latest naturopathic technology to give quality treatment for patients. Consultation for patients who didn’t receive appropriate results from their previous therapist is also available. Advanced microscopic screening is done with the patients blood samples to give accurate results.

13Kurrambee Avenue
Ashmore, QLD 4214
All enquires- 07 5676 5076

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