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Global Drone Service Market Analysis and Forecast to 2026

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UAV driven business solutions lately have been gaining traction across a variety of industry verticals that need high-quality information combined with mobility. Organizations around the world acknowledge the benefits they have gained from incorporating drones into various vertical structures, such as infrastructure repair, protection and surveillance, inspection, mapping and surveying, and large-scale capital projects.

The global drones services market was valued US$ 3.5 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 18 Bn by 2026, at CAGR of 22.72% during the forecast period. Owing to growing applications of drone services across several industries for commercial use including mapping/surveying, surveillance, construction monitoring, infrastructure inspections, energy asset inspections, insurance inspections, precision agriculture, and aerial photography/video. Moreover, minimum human operation and no safety infrastructure, as well as increasing data analytics, are important growth drivers for this industry.

The global agriculture drone market was estimated at USD 193.4 million in 2015 is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period. Agriculture drones are emerging as a productive sector in the commercial drone application industry. The technology includes imaging capabilities, sensors and better materials which are further expected to drive the market.

Drones often make use of sensors to identify changes in their surroundings that permit them to move better and also collect critical data about the object they are inspecting. There has been a crucial growth in the drone sensor market due to the increasing demand for high tenacity imaging for mapping & surveying and precise positioning for precise navigation, improved crop vigor analysis for exactness of farming, and rising demand for drones from the logistic sectors and commercial for goods delivery. Global Drone Sensor Market size was valued at US$ 247.7 Mn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 1412.4 Mn by 2026 to exhibit a CAGR of 24.31 % during the forecast period.

The global drone services market report, offered by JSB Market Research, presents a comprehensive assessment of the market containing thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, validated market data and projections with a suitable set of assumptions and methodology along with major key players.

Scope of the Global Drone Service Market:

I. Global Drone Service Market by Type:

• Multirotor Drone
• Fixed Wing Drone
• Global Drone Service Market by Service Type:
• Long Duration Service
• Short Duration Service

II. Global Drone Service Market by Application:

• Disaster Risk Management & Mitigation
• Mapping & Surveying
• Aerial Photography & Remote Sensing
• Product Delivery
• Data Acquisition & Analytics
• Inspection & Environmental Monitoring
• 3D Modeling
• Other Applications

III. Global Drone Service Market by Industry:

• Oil & Gas
• Agriculture
• Scientific Research
• Utility & Power
• Logistics
• Mining
• Insurance
• Media & Entertainment
• Infrastructure
• Security, Search & Rescue
• Other Industries

IV. Global Drone Service Market by Geography:

• North America
• Asia Pacific
• Europe
• Latin America
• Middle East & Africa

V. Key Players Operated in Market Include:

• Drone Deploy
• ABJ Drones
• AeroVironment Inc.
• Workmode
• Sky-Future Ltd.
• Flyworx
• Avetics
• Hawk Aerial
• Airware
• Aerobo
• SenseFly Ltd.
• Cyberhawk Innovations Ltd.
• Trimble UAS
• Precision Hawk
• 3D Robotics, Inc.
• Agribotix LLC
• Kespry
• Measure
• Parrot SA
• Propeller Aerobotics Pty Ltd.
• Skycatch, Inc.
• 4DMapper
• AirGon
• Pix4D
• Dronifi
• Sky-Futures
• Airpix
• Arch Aerial Llc
• Edall Systems
• Falcon Drone Services
• Phoenix Drone Services Llc
• Prioria Robotics Holdings Inc.
• Sharper Shape Inc.
• Unmanned Experts Inc

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