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Global Biophotonics Technologies Markets

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Report Includes
An overview of the current and future characteristics of the market for the different biophotonics technologies

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Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2014, 2015, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2020.
Coverage of areas where biophotonics plays a role ranging from molecular imaging and understanding the biophysics of photon interaction with cells and tissue, to the clinical realm of non-invasive diagnostics, drug delivery, and therapy

The report includes only those devices and products that are listed above, plus the segment of the global market and the products market of the above listed four regions. The scope of the report includes the following:

-Key market analysis.
-Market dynamics (drivers and restraints).
-Market estimation for a forecasted period of 2016 through 2021.
-Competitive developments and landscape.
-Regional analysis.
-Profiles of key market players.

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A look at factors such as increasing demand of monitoring and diagnostic technologies, a growing trend of miniaturization, and organic growth associated with mature markets such as x-ray imaging
A comprehensive view of the current and emerging technologies, the market drivers and restraints, competitive landscape and market revenues by technology across different geographies
Profiles of major playes in the industry

Report Scope

We have taken a very broad definition of biophotonics to encompass the application of light and other forms of radiant energy, ranging from visible range (e.g., far infrared at around 100 microns) to X-ray (e.g., hard X-rays), primarily to life sciences and medicine.

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Biophotonics in this report is broadly defined as the application and development of optical methodology such as imaging, diagnosing, etc., to study cells and tissues. Biophotonics refers to detection, emission, absorption, modification, reflection and creation of radiation from tissues, biomaterials, organisms and cells.

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