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Global Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata and Chennai with Bed To Bed Transfer Facility

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Monday, 05 August 2019. Hey there, Greetings.

Hey, are looking for an ambulance service which is well medically equipped and staffed for the serious patient convenience? Then you are at right place. The Global Air Ambulance Services becoming famous day by day and it is because of the best service and performance in the field of health care and medical services. In a medical emergency situation, the name of the Global Air Ambulance comes first in our mind. Hence, not only the people from Kolkata and Chennai but also the people from other country prefer its service the most in medical urgency.

The Global Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata and Chennai recently sifted a serious patient to the distant hospital facilitating the needful service to the patient in flight. In many cases, patients require the treatment and care and it is the responsibility of the company to fulfill the patient desire while shifting. The Global Air Ambulance has a long-time service experience therefore; there is no any problem in shifting a critical patient.

Each of an ambulance of Global Air Ambulance is well equipped with a medical machine with a technician to operate, trained medical staff and experienced doctors; are responsible to provide pre-medical care of a patient in flight. Also, they are always ready to deal with the emergency situation in flight.

These are the unique features of Global Air Ambulance that make it special:

It offers a nonstop bed to bed patient transfer facility
24/7 emergency service availability
Experienced doctors and trained medical team also available for primary treatment and care
Availability of medical equipment used in the patient checkup and treatment in flight.
Shifting a serious patient has never been easy and it is full of difficulties and such a courageous job. But an experienced medical team can easily handle such a situation. To shift a critical patient from Kolkata to Chennai, you need a fast-moving transport with the medical facility and the Global Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata is designed in such a way that the serious patient can be easily shifted distant hospital.

Feel free to contact Global Air Ambulance Service in Chennai in a medical emergency. It is highly specialized in serious patient transfer at affordable pricing. The private charter aircraft and commercial aircraft can also be used in an urgent situation and its specialty is: it contains all the emergency medical facilities used for the patient treatment and care in flight.

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