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Getting Ready for the Future: IT Skills You Must Know

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As we make tremendous technological progress, technical expertise will no longer be the sole province of IT departments in an organization. And there’s no doubt that the demand for a technically skilled workforce is on an upward trajectory since almost every organization is switching to become a software-driven firm.Learning new skills and building on existing competencies will be crucial to stay on track in an increasingly competitive technological environment. So are you up for it? The digital future of work has begun and is sure to encompass ever more human work activities. But then again machines cannot do everything and this new-age automation will require adequate human skills to go hand in hand to bring in efficiency and increased productivity.

Mr. Ambrish Das, Chief Digital Officer of Corbus LLC, presented an educational and enriching webinar on “IT Skills of the Future” on 04th May 2020. He gave valuable insights on what are the most sought-after IT skills companies will be looking for when they hire employees and how important it is that all employees must understand to deploy and use technology to their jobs with efficiency.

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