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Expert media business consultants Romeo Sykes, Richard Troutner and David Cardone of GMM Media Agency announced they will join the Prime Time Business Network starting with the Aventura Chapter. The three media industry insiders and business development experts will provide high visibility media coverage creating brand reputation building through mass consumer awareness for local business owners and members of the Aventura PTBN Chapter, a business-to-business support group dedicated to fostering an active and sustainable business growth climate for local companies throughout South Florida.

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Founded by Mark Hirsch, Michael Stern and Dr. Michael Wendrow, the Prime Time Business Network (PTBN) aims to create mutually beneficial relations between local businesses, helping them grow through cross referrals, business strategy consulting, shared customer base, other efficient strategies and now major media coverage by trusted news sites and their affiliates offered by GMM Media Agency.

The GMM Media Agency consultants will provide members of the PTBN with exclusive media coverage helping build brand reputation, consumer awareness through their media business consulting services, helping them promote their brands, products and services on a large network of mainstream media websites.

By partnering with expert brand journalists, the consultants can create custom news pieces highlighting each Aventura companys products and services. The articles are published on more than 500 high-authority media websites, including local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

The massive media coverage offers immediate benefits in terms of overall online visibility and brand reputation, a single campaign resulting in more than 500 high-quality backlinks from exposure through major media sources trusted my millions.

Mr. Romeo Sykes and GMM Media Agency and their affiliates have helped hundreds of businesses generate profits of up to $100 Million per year using cutting-edge media relations, industry relationships and digital marketing strategies. You can get more information on how you can get media coverage for your business at

With the addition of Romeo, Richard and David, GMM Media Agency strives to diversify its range of high-quality business development and online major media marketing services for business members of every chapter. PTBN is open to local businesses in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, law, lifestyle, architecture, outdoors services and various others, the network continues to invest in promoting a climate of business-to-business cooperation and growth.

The media coverage and online media marketing services will soon be available to all business owners everywhere that want more exposure resulting in new customers and more sales. GMM Media Agency is proud to join the Prime Time Business Network.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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