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Get P2P Bitcoin Exchange Software like Wazirx within a Week!!

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Wazirx Clone Script

It is a cryptocurrency exchange website script similar to wazirx with all its enhanced security features and API. Our well developed Wazirx clone script allows users (local buyers as well as international transactions) to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and pay the respective person with fiat or other cryptocurrencies.
Now, let us see how to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like Wazirx..

What is Wazirx?

Waxirx is India’s most trusted Cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell and trade digital assets. The exchange offers a simple and easy to use interface with real-time order books, charting, trade history so that you can trade and invest with 100% security.

What Solution WazirX Exchange Offers

1. Peer 2 Peer Transaction
2. Cryptocurrency Exchange
3. WRX Mining

How wazirx P2P Exchange Works?

WazirX matches the person looking forward to buying USDT for Fiat with the person who’s looking to sell USDT for Fiat.
WazirX safeguards the USDT by escrows, during the transaction
The transfer of buyer’s fiat to the seller’s bank account can be done IMPS/UPI
Finally, the Seller confirms payment and WazirX releases the USDT to the buyer.

Is WazirX P2P safe?

Definitely! WazirX has an escrow system to make the entire transaction in a secure way so that no one can cheat the other. In wazirx the escrow will hold the seller’s USDT until the transaction is completed and the payment is confirmed.

If you are a seller – WazirX will not release your USDT to the buyer until you make a confirmation on the receipt of payment. If you are a buyer – WazirX will hold the seller’s USDT until you make a payment to the seller. The System will detect and resolves any dispute that occurs between the buyer and a seller. KYC details can be verified for every user before allowing them to trade on the platform and thus keeps a record on each and every transaction that occurs on the exchange.

Wazirx – Pros

1. Security and Trustable exchange
2. Bypass the middleman
3. Probably the lowest price of all coins in India
4. Clean and user-friendly UI
5. Flexible Payment gateways(IMPS,UPI,paytm)

How to start an exchange like wazirx?

If you are interested in launching your exchange platform like wazirx, We Coinjoker- As a prominent cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider, will be glad to assist you with our Wazirx Clone script with value-added features based on current market trends.

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