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Get over the Sleepless Nights with Shirodhara sessions

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After a long day at work, laying flat on your soft bed is enough for most to venture into a world of peace! But not if you are suffering from insomnia. For all the insomniacs, night time is their worst nightmare. Keeping a watch on the clock as it ticks from midnight to dawn is an awful experience. And you start a new day lacking in vital energy. It can affect everything – from your mood, stamina, to creativity and health. Now, for most of you the easiest solution is to take in an over the counter pill and go to drug induced sleep. But, have you ever wondered: you are just seeking quick relief and not getting to the root cause. If you want a permanent solution and not a quick fix, then schedule a visit to one of the reputed Shirodhara service centers in Kolkata.

Stress leads to Insomnia

Maybe you are a professional with a leading IT company and always under the pressure of meeting deadlines. Or, may be you are a prosperous businessman always concerned of proliferating your business. You may be in any other profession, but the tension and stress associated with everyday work is wrecking a havoc with your mental peace. The stress, which has become in-built by now, is not letting your muscles and senses relax. While the relaxation pills are going to help you relax for one night, what about the other nights? With regular consumption of sleeping pills you will soon grow an addict and crop up with other ailments as well. So, what is the solution?

Shirodhara and its benefits on Insomnia

It is a sad thing to witness, while the Westerners are today adopting the ancient Indian treatment methodologies of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation, the Indians are still to embrace these time tested ways to find an effective cure. Shirodhara is one of the Ayurvedic ways to treat insomnia and sooth your sense. The drops of water, falling from a container hung over your forehead, are adjusted for their frequency and volume based on the severity of symptoms. Overtime exposure to water, essential oils and healing herbs helps to calm your nerves and overcome the stress. A session at Shirodhara service centers in Kolkata can improve your quality of sleep and you will come out truly rejuvenated. This form of treatment does not have any side effects, and does not affect your health in any other way but positively.

In most instances, a number of sessions would be required to cure your insomnia. So, if you are facing problems with sleeplessness book a session at one of the leading Shirodhara service centers in Kolkata.

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