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Get Inked from Celebrity InkTattoo Bali Studio and Stay Cool

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In these days, getting inked has become quite common. Not only the celebrities, but also the common people are just crazy to pierce their body parts with a trendy tattoo design that match their personality. Actually, tattooing is the best way to reveal one’s personality. This is the reason why people of all ages like to get inked. With the huge demand, several of tattoo stores have emerged over the world. Celebrity Ink Tattoo Bali is an eminent name in the world of tattoos. The studio becomes popular for offering custom designed tattoos at an affordable price.

An Introduction to the Studio

Celebrity Ink Tattoo Bali is a distinguished name that offers best tattoo designs along with high quality services. They boast on having an excellent team of licensed artists who are high skilled and experienced. Celebrity Inkâ„¢ as a leading tattoo brand has already won several international awards including the first place in the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo Sydney. All the staffs and the artists are committed to work in such way so that this body ink art creation will not affect the hygiene of the candidates.


There are several number of tattoo studios under the brand name of Celebrity Ink. The candidates can find the stores in the following locations,

– Chiang Mai
– Bangkok
– Phuket
– Australia
– Bali and more

Modern and Customized Designs

There is a huge design options for the tattoo lovers. They may choose any of the following designs to make their style statement.

1. Sleeve tattoos
2. Realistic tattoos
3. Colour tattoos
4. Cover up tattoos
5. Portrait tattoos
6. Water colour tattoos
7. Writing tattoos
8. Custom designed tattoos and more.

No Compromise with Hygiene and Cleanliness

The studio is known for globally recognised hygiene level. The candidates do not need to worry regarding safety. To offer safe services, all the workers follow some rules and steps that include,

– Ask the clients to put their shoes outside the studio and clean their hands with sanitizer
– Before starting the procedure, the artists put on gloves
– Follow all the OHS guidelines in a proper manner
– Create a safe and sterile working environment
– Use new and disposable tubes, tips, needles and ink caps

Useful Tattoo Facts

a) For the two weeks after the procedure, the candidates cannot swim in the pool or sea
b) Tattoo hurts a little. How much pain one will endure, depends on his or her personal pain threshold
c) The healing of a new body ink art creation will take about 2 weeks

Reasons to Visit the Shop

Some of the causes are listed below. Have a look at this.

– Proficient team of machine and bamboo artists
– Internationally recognized hygiene standard
– Facility of wheelchair access
– Safe and sterile environment in the store
– Great track record and years of experience

Apart from the mentioned, there are more causes. To know more about them, book an appointment with them.

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