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From Offline to Online: Ensure Smooth Transition in the Post-COVID world with CloudConnect’s unified

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While COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees, several leading businesses are taking precautionary steps to contain its spread. One such method adopted by most organizations worldwide is the remote work practice. Acclimatizing to the new world order, companies are collaborating with top technology providers who ensure that this sudden transition from offline to online is smooth, secure, and sustainable.

CloudConnect Communications, a mobile-first virtual network operator, is one such enabler that is helping companies make the most of the lockdown with its Unified Teleworking solution. It aims to make business communication faster, smoother, and better while employees work from home during the pandemic.

The company’s solutions include Hosted Phone System, Hosted IVR with Voicemail, Cloud Video Conferencing, and Contact Center Solution.

Hosted Phone System – This solution integrates seamlessly with an enterprise’s existing premise-based private branch exchanges (PBXs), which is basically a telephone switching system of an enterprise and offers a complete range of digital telephone numbers without the need to issue additional SIM cards.

Hosted IVR with Voicemail – It is India’s first DOT licensed B2B Virtual Network Operator that enables businesses to respond to all their incoming calls through a customized interactive voice response (IVR) greeting. The solution captures the caller’s number as well as voice mail messages, in case you do not have the bandwidth to take all incoming calls.

Cloud Video Conferencing – Through this service, businesses can host video conferencing-based e-meetings and e-demos, which are far more personalized and engaging than traditional methods like calling and messaging.

Contact Center Solution – It is India’s first fully cloud-based and completely mobile-enabled contact center. It is designed to enable seamless communication between sales and customer service teams.

With such technologically advanced solutions, organizations can achieve hinderless business continuity now and beyond the pandemic.

Be always anywhere, on any device.
CloudConnect integrates your communication channels, networks, systems, IT business and consumer applications and devices all delivered through the cloud, on your mobile. That’s the future of business, so you can work and collaborate, faster and smarter. Plus our robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ensure that your business is always on.

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