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FreeSWITCHService Announced Call Center Solution for E-commerce Industry

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The company has recently announced to offer a tailored contact center solution specifically designed for eCommerce industry. Speaking on this occasion, a spokesman at FreeSWITCHService explained the importance of customized call center solution and the company’s objective behind announcing it with these words: “ The E-commerce sector is thriving and offers a lot of opportunities to both established players and startups alike. However, the growing business brings a lot of troubles in the form of ever-changing requirements and ever-increasing competition. Particularly, small and mid-size eCommerce vendors find it difficult to stand out from the crowd as they are unable to spend big bucks on marketing and other necessary campaigns. There, a contact center comes to their rescue and serves the purpose of serving existing and prospective customers with a personalized experience. We develop tailored contact center software to fulfill the requirements of contact centers. Our software can assist eCommerce enterprises with robustness, security, reliability, and scalability as we’ve integrated the software with enterprise-friendly features. Our call center software can serve the objectives of inbound, outbound, and blended call centers with ease.” He concluded.

A technical head of VoIP division at Ecosmob Technologies listed a few important features and benefits of the customized contact center solution designed for the eCommerce sector: “ The eCommerce industry is one of the most customer-centric industry. It is necessary for the eCommerce companies to reach a vast audience while offering them personalized services. At FreeSWITCHService, the team of veteran developers has integrated a few eCommerce business-friendly features in the contact center software like configurable messages or call scripts, real-time reports, and voice logging. Apart from other basic features like answering machine detection and call back, we have integrated multilevel IVR in the software to enable our eCommerce business-related clients to get the most from IVR technology. With customized, web-based contact center software, the eCommerce enterprises can get more scalability while tracking all the calls. With effective call management processes, our software can help eCommerce companies increase sales.” He concluded.

FreeSWITCHService offers high-quality VoIP solutions in audio-video conferencing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and SBC (Session Border Controller) domains. Visit the company’s page to get useful information about bespoke call center solution.

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