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Flutter App Development vs React Native Development: Complete Guide 2020

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After all, they are two of the most popular frameworks for cross-development. Understanding which of these they should for is critical to their app development plans.

Cross-Platform Development Frameworks

Cross-platform development allows the development of a single codebase for many platforms. It has done away with the need for two separate apps for two different platforms. Cross-platform solutions offer a lot of benefits. For instance, it has reduced the cost of developing apps. Also, there won’t be any need to have two teams of developers.
With many design frameworks available in the market, it is crucial to select the right framework. In other words, you’ll end comparing Flutter vs React Native. After all, they are among most popular frameworks for cross-platform development now.

What Is React Native?

While Facebook developed React Native, it is widely used by a diverse range of businesses. Companies such as Walmart and Uber Eats are among those using this framework. As a result, this framework has a massive follower base.

What Is Flutter?

After Facebook, Google decided to create a cross-development framework as well. This resulted in Flutter. This framework also enjoys widespread popularity among developers due to the ease offered.
Both these technologies are helping developers to create cross-platform apps quickly. After all, they can use a single programming language. In the current debate between Flutter App Development vs React Native Development, businesses should know which cross-platform framework would be the best for their mobile app development project.


In Flutter, developers get access to numerous open source components. Most of them are designed by Google. In React Native, developers get in-built components. In other words, the core framework provides only the UI and the device access APIs. This can be an issue for some.

Development Time

Some developers prefer using RN due to the higher efficiency it offers. More importantly, developers need less time for creating apps on React Native. So when comparing Flutter vs React Native, know that Flutter takes more time. After all, RN has components that are ready to use which simplifies the development process considerably.

User Interface

In terms of UI, there is a lot of difference between Flutter and RN. React native tends to rely on native components. On the other hand, Flutter can make use of proprietary widget sets. As a result, if you want a highly customized UI, Flutter is the framework of choice.

Programming Language

Different programming languages are used by Flutter and React Native. RN makes use of JavaScript, one of the most popular development languages in the market. However, Flutter uses Dart. This programming language was introduced by Google in 2011. The language provides support for OOP concepts. As such, it won’t be difficult for JavaScript developers to understand it. Despite this, the programming language is worth considering when making the choice.

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