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Fix Common Search Issues for Your Business Website with an Affordable News Release Service

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A news release service provided by PR Projects has the potential to improve the reputations of business owners, professionals, and consultants in need of positive name recognition

One of our clients, an author and consultant, needed name recognition, says Linda Gibbs of PR Projects.

The only problem was that when customers googled her name they were shown a negative news story that had the potential to damage her reputation.

With two months of news releases, we have been able to get her the top three spots in Google search. Her news releases have been published on more than 500 sites all over the United States. With an additional four months left on her news release subscription, we are sure she will be able to get that negative news story to page two of Google search results.

The service also yields business owners better online visibility and higher search results.

Mike wanted to get greater visibility for his business. He had a website that was being overshadowed by others in his industry, many of which had very similar names. With the six-month subscription offered by PR Projects, Mike was able to get his news release published on more than 400 sites and his website reached the Number One position in Google search results in a very competitive field.

The power of an online news release is that it provides what is called authority. The links to the business owners website provided in the news release get mentioned on numerous news sites all over the web. With so many backlinks to the preferred url, the search algorithm has a lot of information about the featured website.

Linda Gibbs urges business owners to google their business name and their personal name.

Its important to know what information is out there about you and your business, says Ms. Gibbs. If you find out there is a problem, you can fix it with our news release subscription service.

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