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FastComet is now Powered by AMD EPYC to Improve Its High-Performance Servers

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FastComet, a San Francisco-based company that provides premium web and cloud hosting solutions hosting for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and developers, has today announced a dramatic overhaul of its shared hosting platform. The company discloses upgrading their infrastructure to the award-winning AMD’s line of server processors, EPYC.

The move follows the recent upgrade of their latest fully-managed Dedicated server line, reinvented with the AMD EPYC processors, including easy scalability, load balancing, and rapid deployment provisioning, available to all their clients. Dedicated CPU provides a powerful infrastructure solution for CPU-intensive applications such as video encoding, machine learning, and data analytics processing.

The AMD EPYC processor has been tested extensively to gradually decrease latency, as well as the “noisy neighbors” impact. The Cores on the hypervisor get exclusive Dedicated vCPU threads, and thus servers don’t compete for these resources. Additionally, AMD EPYC SoC’s architecture offers extensive I/O with directly attached solid-state drives (SSDs). This aspect of performance is considered crucial for both users and the web host. As for security—the AMD EPYC server processor enables encryption for each virtual machine and hypervisor, which helps in safeguarding the privacy and integrity of the application. The AMD Secure Root-of-Trust technology permits the booting of cryptographically signed software only.

After upgrading the Dedicated server plans just four months ago and seeing both speed gains of up to 200% and insanely favorable feedback from users, the next steps were clear. This enables FastComet’s already highly optimized platform to handle today’s most demanding websites and achieve speeds unrivaled in the industry. This platform refresh also marks the end of Intel on SSD Cloud at FastComet.

Dimitar Petkov, CTO of FastComet stated:

Moving to the AMD EPYC environment has taken our already fast platform to a whole other level and it is undoubtedly the most exciting and impactful change we’ve had to our platform, especially in regards to stability, security, and speed. We are seeing massive performance gains across the board, which gives our clients the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Finding ways to boost its users’ website performance is a worthy pursuit, and FastComet continues to eagerly update its hosting platform to do exactly that.

About FastComet

FastComet Inc. is a full-service web hosting provider located in San Francisco, California focusing on server stability, excellent customer service and ease in web hosting. They continue to impress current and potential clients with speedy replies and exceptional support.

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