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Fairytrail Dating App Matches Singles Who Love Adventures

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– This dating app breaks swipe addiction and promotes developing real-life relationships on short journeys.
– After users match and video chat, they meet on group trips hosted by Airbnb and Viator.
– Fairytrail dating app can increase diversity and dating pool size by 31 times or more.
– A new type of dating app that has a business model aligned with user interests.
– Early users have been remote workers, frequent travelers, digital nomads, freelancers, and people passionate about

San Francisco, CA – Heralded as a “revolutionary dating app” by its users, Fairytrail is a dating app for remote workers, digital nomads, and people passionate about travel. With 8 levels of safety, it provides a dating platform for single people to match with one another, then match on recommended tours. It allows people to date while on the road using video chat and provides a bridge to safely meeting in person. More about Safety:

“People are becoming hyper mobile,” says Taige Zhang, the founder of Fairytrail, adding “more than one-third of U.S. workers are in the gig economy. 57 million Americans are freelancers. 5 million are digital nomads. And the remote work trend is just getting started.”

Most dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble want to keep users swiping and messaging, but users actually want to find someone, so they can get on with their lives— to start having amazing experiences together. And Fairytrail promises exactly that.

“[People] will have more fun dating. We’ll actually get to explore the world, try new foods, and see new places and cultures– with people who intrigue us,” says Taige Zhang.

Determined to cultivate real-life experiences rather than locking people to their screens, Fairytrail is the only dating app that safely bridges people from online to offline through group adventures.

In fact, its revenue primarily comes from getting matched users placed on Airbnb Experiences, Airbnb Adventures, and Viator tours. These are 2-3 day excursions led by a professional travel guide in small groups of 5-25 people.

Mariah from New York says, “Traveling is such a great way to get to know a person. You don’t really know someone unless you’ve traveled with the person. And this is such a great way to do it in a safe way.”

Designed to be non-invasive like Coffee Meets Bagel, Fairytrail sprinkles users with new people to meet and travel possibilities only a few times a day.

How does it work?

Users create an account and match with one another on Fairytrail. A match unlocks recommended adventures.

If there’s mutual interest in any of the adventures, the parties are connected to chat. If there’s attraction and chemistry, they have 30 days to book the adventure through a Fairytrail travel agent.

What are users say?

“Choosing the experience within dating makes dating much more exciting.”
– Annet, Amsterdam

“I enjoy meeting people when I travel, so I see this as a more organized way of doing it.”
– Atef, Toronto

“It helps plant travel inspiration.”
– Mark, Sacramento

Where to get the app?

Fairytrail is available for download on iOS and Android here:

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