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Eventify To Make Event Promotions Easier Digitally

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A brand new, completely customizable event planning and promotion platform was launched recently. Eventify is the name of this web platform – and it is set to revolutionize the manner in which events are publicized to target attendees across the globe.

In an exclusive interview, a senior representative from Team Eventify revealed that the platform has been created in a bid to help professional planners/organizers manage their events in a better, smarter, more effective way than ever before. According to him, Eventify is a ‘dynamic, future-oriented’ tool that will do away with the hassles of paperwork and enable users to keep track of all the key information and metrics related to their events. Promoting an event is often a tricky affair – and Eventify is geared to make things easier in that regard.

Elaborating on the nature and features of the platform, the Eventify spokesperson said that event organizers will be able to create high-quality, information-rich mobile apps for their events on it. Easy drag-and-drop features have been made available on the platform, to ensure that lack of prior coding expertise does not come up as an obstacle. All relevant information related to an event can be included in its application and shared with probable attendees. Updating event apps on Eventify, as and when required, is a quick and straightforward task too.

To ensure widespread usability, Eventify has been built for promoting/managing all types of events – right from tier-1 tech events and conferences, to smaller business gatherings and meetups. Exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, workshops, competitions – everything can be promoted through this platform. Initial reports suggest that Eventify is indeed an event-hosting platform (platform for creating event apps) par excellence.

The Eventify platform is all about optimizing the visibility of events by maximizing its exposure – with the help of custom-created mobile applications. The makers have promised end-to-end support for event organizers who sign up on the platform. Right from connecting with event attendees and sharing real-time information, to sending direct messages and event photos – all of these can be performed from the platform.

The benefits of using this new event management platform is not limited to promotions either. Event planners can set up and modify the session scheduling at their events with ease, while detailed information about exhibitors can be shared as well. Full scalability is yet another high point of the Eventify platform – ensuring that organizers can create apps that are best suited to the precise promotional/management requirements of their events.

According to a well-placed source from the Eventify Team, this event app platform has the potential to improve the ROI figures for organizers. The better, more-rounded promotional strategies play a big role in this – by increasing awareness levels and pulling up overall attendee figures. The information generated on the Eventify dashboard also enables planners to closely monitor the key stats, and address all probable issues. Users can also keep a tab on the performance of the event app(s) that they create on Eventify. The team seems quietly confident about the platform proving instrumental in powering successful events.

By 2017 Q1, the Apple App Store had more than 2.2 million applications, while Google Play Store had over 2.8 million apps. Volume of app downloads are also increasing rapidly every quarter. The ‘mobile app revolution’ is still well and truly on – and in such a scenario, the idea of promoting events through customized mobile apps does seem to be a smart, potentially rewarding idea. According to the makers, the sheer quality and abundance of features of Eventify will help it see off the challenges of the similar platforms that are already available.

Promoting an event only via traditional channels (flyers, posters, banners, web ads etc.) is no longer enough for ensuring proper visibility for it. Event organizers need to use the wildly popular mobile app platform for promotions – and Eventify helps them to do just that, in the best possible manner.

For further information about the Eventify platform, visit If you have any queries or doubts, send a message directly from the website. Event planners can also request for free demos. Eventify is a unique event promotion and management platform that uses the latest mobile app technology – and it has a definite chance of becoming popular over time.

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