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ESS India launches COVID Shield- Protect Your Staff and Employees from COVID

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Multiple measurements of health parameters of staff or visitors at entry, exit or within the premises are recorded. Housekeeping and Sanitization has never been a prominent function till now, but is critical today. Systematic and defined protocols for sanitization, regular inspection as well as traceability are essential today. All this is achieved through a completely Zero Contact process through the COIVD Shield Mobile App.

Employee Health – Employee Health function allows recording of temperature and the in and out time to the office. The app can capture whether the employee is showing any signs of Covid and also lets the staff member submit a self-declaration of good health. Some countries are making it mandatory to install a Government monitored mobile app. Covid Shield also records whether a staff member has such an app on their phone.

There are many questions question that are bothering business owners during COVID times. Some of them are:
• How to ensure business continuity during and post COVID?
• How to monitor the infection when staff comes to work?
• How to track visitors and avoid infection coming in the company?
• How to ensure that the housekeeping staff does their job well?
• How to ensure that all government norms regarding COVID are followed in office/factories?
• How to respond to a crisis situation when staff is in office?

ESS is proud to announce that we have launched an innovative app that been designed to protect you and your staff and monitor critical parameters for all who enter your office or factory. COVID Shield has 5 different areas. Employee Health, Visitors, Housekeeping, Staff requests and Admin Functions. With COVID Shield, not only will you help in keeping your staff and factory safe, but also contribute greatly in managing this deadly contagion. Zero Contact automation will add hugely to the comfort of your staff, that the company is fully geared to take care of their health.

To know more about COVID Shield App and how it can help your business please visit our website or contact us at

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