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Engine Analyzer/System Monitor 350 – Information Is Power

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The Engine Analyzer / System Monitor 350 is a nifty little power-packed device which, when connected to the sensors, reads and analysis engine data. It effectively is a secondary pair of ‘eyes and ears’ for your aircraft – one that keeps constant watch over the engine.

Occupying just 3.25-square inches of space in the aircraft’s dashboard, the aircraft engine monitoring system 350 manufactured by J.P Instruments, USA, is very easily fitted.

Packed with electronic chips, the aircraft engine monitoring system 350, analyses 24 different function of the aircraft engine. Starting at just $798 for the basic 4-cylinder EDM 350 kit, this is one device that represents enormous value for money. J.P. I also have the 6-cylinder EDM 350 version that retails at $998.

If the probes are already in place, fitting the EDM 350 Single Engine Data Analyzer can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Simply create a 3.25-inch space in your aircraft dashboard, thread all the probes through the newly created empty space and attach them to the 350 unit.

Next, ‘plug-in’ the EDM 350 Aircraft Engine Monitoring Systems into that 3.25-inch space, secure the screws and you’re done.

Information is power – the working of the EDM 350:

Think of the Engine Analyzer / System Monitor 350 as a little onboard computer. It has prefed upper, lower and normal parameters for 24 different parts of your 4 or 6-cylinder aircraft engine. When the aircraft engine is powered on, the 24 sensors begin feeding data into the EDM 350.

As the data flows in, two things happen; one- the EDM 350 displays the information in a neat and intuitive manner. Depending on the pilot selection, the data may be displayed as actual numbers or as graphs. Secondly, the data is constantly compared with the pre-fed high and low values for each data stream.

Any parameters that does not fall in the ‘normal’ range, is flagged and an audio-visual alarm is triggered. The high and low values can be manually entered by the pilot.

The 24 engine parameters that the JPI EDM 350 watches over are:

1. EGT – Exhaust gas temp.
2. CHT – Cylinder head temp – probes and harness included.
3. CLD – Shock cooling on all cylinders.
4. VDC – Voltage display.
5. Internal Memory – Enough memory to record 600 hours of data (recorded every 6 seconds).
6. USB Port – Convenient data port for quick and easy download of engine data.
7. ROP/LOP – Lean finder.
8. MAP – Engine Manifold pressure.
9. DIFF – Engine health.
10. EZTrends Software – Graphics software with Google Earth location included.
11. O.T. – Engine oil temp.
12. RPM – Prop rotation speed.
13. F.P. – Fuel pressure.
14. OAT Probe – Outside air temp.
15. O.P. – Engine oil pressure.
16. CRB Probes – Carburettor temp.
17. CDT Probes – Compressor discharge temp.
18. TIT – Turbine inlet temp.
19. L-R-Main – Fuel quantity in all tanks.
20. V-2 – Second volts readout.
21. AMP – Battery load output in amps.
22. % HP – With FF, OAT and RPM Sensor.
23. Amp-2 – Second load readout in Amps.
24. FF – Fuel flow includes:

• GPH – Gallons per hour.
• H:M – Endurance in hours and minutes.
• REQ – Fuel required to way point / destination.
• MPG – Miles per gallon
• USD – Fuel used.

For more information on EDM 350 Aircraft engine data manager by J.P. Instruments, please visit:

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