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Energize Your Body, Mind and Soul with Authentic Ancient Ayurveda Cure Solutions

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As ancient Vedic believes, the human body is controlled by Mind and Prana (the vital force). The mind, soul and body are strongly connected to each other and so beautifying the soul or mind internally is to beautify the body, the converse is equally true.

The journey of an ancient life proves that the use of age-old, traditional herbal oils, herbal powders, contemporaries wooden massage tables brass vessels, treatment rituals and massages through trained and qualified therapists can relax, heal and re-energised your spirit and body.

All the Ayurveda treatments at L’essencce Holistic Ayurveda Center have been designed by considering the individual’s desire, need and commitment to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize. Get effective Massage Geneva with authentic Ayurvedic treatments to heal your organs, muscles, joints and other critical body diseases.

L’essencce Ayurveda Spa can treat any kind of beauty, foot, head related severe health issues. You can also attend their expert programs for Stress Management, Weight Loss including your preparation for pregnancy such as Fertility Booster, Pre Natal Care, etc.

Start with a relaxing deep Ayurveda consultation by exploring your physical and emotional health with a full range of services like Panchakarma Detox, Rasayana Therapy, Basti, Nasya, Kati Basti or Greeva Basti or Uro Basti and other Ayurveda Detox treatments.

To spread the awareness of Ayurvedic healing treatments, you can also join professional academic training offered by l’essencce to learn the changes you want to see in your life with help the of Ayurvedic solutions.

About L’essencce Holistic Ayurveda Center
At l’essencce holistic Ayurveda yoga spa, where you can experience an intrinsic part of the Ayurvedic forms that offers a variety of unique wellness approaches such as treatments, massages, and specialized diet schedule for your healthy and happy life.

To fulfill your personal goals for making rigorous transformations in lifestyle, visit For more information about healing programmes, courses and medicinal products, send an email at To book an online appointment over phone, call on +41 21 558 36 84/ +41 78 870 27 09.

Address- Rue Juste-Olivier 1 CH-1260 Nyon

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