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Empowering Others in the Digital Age

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Lisa M. Clarke, Marketing/PR Specialist
115 W Kemper Rd
OH 45246 
United States

Everyday technology is changing our lives. We are benefitting from information, amazing tools, resources and easier connections. All of this is at our fingertips. Founded in February of 2004, CDM Computers has built their reputation on being the bridge between technology and the everyday person. We all know that technology is not perfect. For a small business, computer downtime hurts productivity. Baby Boomers are frustrated by the fast pace of change, disconnection and feel left out. They want to know more about new technology and are excited about opportunities. In some school programs, technology is utilized as a resource, not an opportunity. CDM Computers has spent time and energy exploring these areas and has assumed solid roles to fill gaps. They are focused on providing individuals with service, solutions, training, education, and quality repairs in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The answer to all of your technology needs.

Exciting times are ahead for the ending of this year as they celebrate weaving the theme of customized approaches into rebranding as Technology Tailor Made. Also, the grand opening of a new space, TTM Collaborative. Stay tuned for several brand activation events scheduled during November, as they decided to acknowledge small businesses and entrepreneurs for the whole month. This series of activity will wrap up with a rebranding celebration on Small Business Saturday, November 30, 2019.

Registration for the Winter session of Camp BYOC are now open. The new sessions are scheduled to start on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Visit their website to register.

CDM Computers is a computer repair and support services company based in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The core of their mission is to provide customers with technology driven experiences on platforms of collaboration, engagement and resources. On the retail side, they sell computers, computer parts, laptops, tablets, cables, monitors, accessories and support packages.

Twitter / Instagram: @cdmcomputers

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