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Employability Marketing Coach Announces AIMS Keynote Motivational Speech

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Sam Waterfall
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Sam Waterfall, a speaker, marketer, coach and entrepreneur based in London and Singapore, and founder of Obv!ous Markt!ng, a business focused on encouraging enterprises to use practical growth strategies, announces that he’ll be the keynote speaker at the 2017 AIMs Teacher Conference.

More information is available at The conference held on Saturday the 4th March 2017 at the Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia starts at 9.30am and concludes at 3.15pm. Waterfall will address the conference participants at 9.40am and will speak for an hour on employability and interpersonal skills and focus on the theme of this year’s Association of International Malaysian Schools (AIMS) Conference AIMS for the Future.

Centered on the strength of extra-curricular skills and experience, Waterfall’s keynote address helps highly-academic focused Malaysian students on differentiating themselves in the workforce. Undoubtedly, today’s working environment requires a mixture of competencies such as initiative, creativity and effective people management and communication. So, while obtaining A-grades is advantageous, students also need to look at gaining more during their years of learning. Consequently, Waterfall feels strongly about effective teaching and believes teachers themselves inspire and develop the strength of future generations shaping and molding pioneers, researchers and founders, not just workers or employees.

Waterfall’s business Obv!ous Market!ng, founded in 2003, puts his BA in Financial and Business Economics and his Masters in Entrepreneurship to use daily. He is also a qualified Marketing Strategist who aims to help businesses and entrepreneurs to build on their strengths and turn weaknesses into positive attributes.

With offices in London and Singapore, Waterfall is an ‘in demand’ speaker. Charing at conferences and inspiring audiences globally. Having now delivered speeches and Masterclasses in over 50 countries, Waterfall continually seeks to inspire confidence and encourage progress.

Corporate groups such as O2, Virgin and LOral use Waterfalls services as he primarily focuses on business marketing, but he also has an interest in personal development. This passion for helping others in marketing themselves led to the launch of Obv!ous Cand!date, a personal coaching and advisory service for individuals seeking to land that dream job.

Simon Leese, the principal of the Prince of Wales Island International, said, Sam was a student at Loughborough Grammar School, in the UK, and trekked with me in Northern Pakistan in 1995. He was a remarkable 18-year-old at the time. One afternoon, as we explored some subterranean passages in the village of Hushe, he memorably commented My mother would need airlifting out of here. He continues to entertain. He will give us an industry perspective on the personal qualities and capabilities which, in preparing our young people responsibly, really must be our AIMS for the Future.’

To find out more about Sam Waterfall, Obv!ous Market!ng, and Waterfall’s keynote address at the AIMS Conference, click on the above link.

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