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Elite Capital International: Nasdaq Composite led market together with S&P 500 as Tech shares rises

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Technology related shares surge has helped US stocks closed higher on today’s session, as they continue to recover most of its losses from last week. Nasdaq’s back-to-back sessions of advances has led the market higher.

Telsa climbed another 7% in today’s session after its 12% jump yesterday… that is roughly 19% rebound in just two days. Even tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet also posted gains.

Crude oil increased together with Treasuries while dollar has a little change.

Here are the main movements in Stock Market this Tuesday;


– Nasdaq Composite ended up with 133.67 points increased or 1.21% to 11,190.32, just before market session closes this Tuesday.
– S&P 500 gained about 17.66 points or less than 1% increase to 3,401.20.
– The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up with 2.27 points or 0.01% higher to 27,995.60.
– The Stoxx Europe 600 Index gained 0.7% to 370.96, the highest record yet in about two weeks.


– The yield on 10-year Treasuries is up by one basis point to 0.68%.
– Britain’s 10-year yield appreciates two basis points to 0.217%.
– Germany’s 10-year yield has increased about less than one basis point to -0.48%.


– Gold shortly fell around 1.13 points or 0.06% to $1,955.60 an ounce.
– Silver on the other side has slightly increased for less than 1 point or 0.03% to $27.16 an ounce.
– West Texas Intermediate crude climbed about 1.02 points or 2.74% to $38.28 per barrel.
– Brent crude also increased almost one point or 2.32% to $40.53 per barrel.


– US Dollar Currency Index has no to little change at 93.12 per dollar.
– The euro dipped 0.2% to $1.1845, its first dump in a week.
– The Japanese yen appreciated 0.3% to 105.46 per dollar; its strongest yet in about two weeks.

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