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Elite Capital International: Global Market ended up higher lead by Gold hitting new record high

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Gold prices has set new record high pushing the precious metal’s stock to climbed up big time, setting it as its biggest gain in one year since 2010.

Amazon (Nasdaq Composite) and Apple (Dow) have led Technology sector on this week’s opening rally, with 1.54% and 2.37% gained respectively. Other tech giants like Facebook, Netflix, Alphabet and Microsoft have ended the day higher as well.

Here are the main movements on the stock market this Monday;


– The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed up with 114.88 points or 0.43% to 26,584.77 as market closed this Monday.
– The S&P 500 rose quite impressively with 0.74% to 3,239.41.
– Nasdaq Composite erased some of its loss from last week after most investors profit take, gaining at least 1.67% to 10,536.27.
– The MSCI Asia Pacific Index increased 0.8%.
– The Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell 0.3%.


– The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell with 0.5815%.
– The yield on the 30-year Treasury bond dipped one basis point to 1.2215%.
– The yield on the two-year Treasury fell few points too with 0.143%.
– The yield on Britain’s 10-year bond fell four basis points to 0.109%.
– While the yield on Germany’s 10-year Treasury is down four basis points to -0.49%.


– Gold surge big time on today’s market with a new record high of $42.76 change or 2.2% to $1,944.61 an ounce.
– West Texas Intermediate crude is up by 0.75% with $0.31 change to $41.60 per barrel.
– Brent crude increased to $43.41 a barrel.


– U.S. Dollar Currency Index raised a bit from what they loss last week with 0.02% change to $93.65 per share.
– The euro climbed 0.8% to $1.1746.
– The Japanese yen appreciated 0.7% to 105.40 per dollar.

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