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Elision Announced to Offer VICIDial vTiger Integration to Offer Single Sign-On Features

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Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd has announced to offer VICIDial vTiger integration to its customers. This integration will be performed to offer Single Sign-On features.

As per the shared details, Elision is one of the renowned companies which offer call center CRM integration for different call center solutions and CRM systems. VICIDial is one of the leading call center solutions and also one of the most widely used call center software. The vTiger is also an open source and popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. Thus, Elision has announced to offer call center CRM integration for VICIDial: call center software and vTiger: CRM solution.

The company announced VICIDial vTiger integration will provide the features of Single Sign-On to benefit its users. Single Sign On means, the users of the system can get access to the features of both VICIDial and vTiger within a single system. It means the users can click on a lead record in the vTiger: CRM solution and the call will be generated via VICIDial: Call center widget. The user will see all the features related to call such as call mute, call un-mute, call transfer, call hang-up, and more. At the end of the call, the user can also add disposition, which will be added into the record stored in the VICIDial: call center solution.

“There are many companies, especially, call centers use both of these systems, VICIDial and vTiger. They generally move back and forth during the call. They also need to make double entries of the same record in two different systems. As one can imagine, there are lot of wasted efforts in it. Productive time of employees may get wasted and this results in declining productivity, performance, and ultimately sales. VICIDial vTiger integration removes all these roadblocks by offering Single Sign On functionality. The changes made in an entry in any one system will automatically get reflected in another system without any manual efforts. This will not only save efforts and time of manual resources, but it will also increase the efficiency and accuracy. This is indeed an amazing and beneficial solution”, shared spokesperson of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has been catering to its customers for more than 12 years. The company offers omnichannel communication and collaboration solutions so its customers can get benefited from all the benefits of unified communication solutions. The company has its presence in different cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur. The company also has a presence in America and Mexico. The company has global customers that use one or more product of the company. DialShree: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution of the company is one of the most popular products of the company. Elision offers integration of different call center solutions and CRM software. The company will offer VICIDial vTiger integration to provide Single Sign On features to the users of this integrated solution. To know more about vTiger VICIDial integration, please visit

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