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Elision Announced to Offer Top Unified Communication Solutions

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Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company that has been offering different solutions and services to meet the client needs. A majority of solutions is focused to meet needs of communication and collaboration. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced to offer unified communication solutions.

The company announced that the company will offer top unified communication solutions to benefit customers and prospective customers. The spokesperson of the company brief about some of the unified communication products that will be provided by the company to its customers:

Call center solution

As per the shared details the company offers this unified communication solution to its customers. The call center software offers a wide array of features to run different campaigns. To support unified communication, the company has added support for all different communication channels such as voice calls, instant messaging (chat), short text messaging (SMS), email, fax, etc. The company also provides customization to offer a complete call center solution.

Multi tenant IP PBX solution

The IP PBX software is a leading solution used as a business IP Phone in many companies. This solution is aimed to offer advanced communication and collaboration features to the companies to create a better brand image. As per the shared details, the company offers an amazing range of features with tenant support to benefit its customers.

Broadcasting solution

To meet the marketing needs of different organizations, the company announced to offer a broadcasting solution. This solution can be used to send a message to the masses. The company offers the broadcasting solution for major communication channels such as fax broadcasting, voice or audio broadcasting, SMS broadcasting.

“Unified communication is a basic need of any company or organization. We are willing to provide the best solution that can provide all the required communication channels. Of course, there are some companies that need only a few channels and in some cases, only a single channel. However, there are many companies that need systems that meet all types of required communication by offering an omnichannel solution. We offer that to our customers”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, the company already has a wide range of solutions that offer unified communication and collaboration platforms. The spokesperson of the company also announced to offer customization and custom development to the customers that need unique solutions.

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is a leading IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, which has been serving for 12+ years. The company is popularly known as Elision. The company has branch offices in Mumbai and Delhi in India and sales offices in Mexico and the USA. The company offers the best in the industry VoIP solutions such as call center software, multi tenant IP PBX, web conferencing solution, webcasting software, IVR system, missed call solutions, click to call software, and many more. To know more about this company, please visit

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