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Elision Announced to Offer Omnichannel Call Center Solution to Support Centers

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Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company which offers the best in the industry call center software to its customers. Recently, the company has announced to offer an omnichannel call center solution to support centers. The support center can be a typical IT or technical support center or any other type of customer support center.

As per the shared details, the company has built one of the best omnichannel call center software. It has some personalized features to help support centers in their job of taking care of customers.

The spokesperson of the company shared a complete list of features which are available to the support centers which are listed below:

• Call dialers such as predictive dialer, preview dialer, auto dialer, progressive dialer, etc.
• Call routing rules
• Call recording
• Call transfer
• Voice broadcasting
• Disposition bucket
• Unlimited call queue
• Multilevel interactive voice response menus
• Whisper
• Barge-in
• Reports
• Call forwarding
• Call park and pick-up
• And many more

The company will also provide multiple communication channels in this omnichannel call center solution to benefit its users:

• Voice call
• Instant messaging (chat)
• Video call
• Conference call
• Screen share
• Fax
• Email
• WhatsApp
• Facebook
• Twitter
• And more

Support centers can use multiple communication channels or the communication mode preferred by their customer.
As per the shared details, the company will also offer call center CRM integration to provide a complete suite of solutions in the offered omnichannel call center solution. The call center CRM integration will help support centers provide a personalized response to customers to delight them with the best customer experience.

The spokesperson of the company shared the company also offers a help desk support ticket solution as one of the add-ons of this omnichannel call center software. This can be beneficial for the support centers that use it to cater to the customers that need to raise and close tickets for the support services offered to the customers.

“We have built the most advanced call center solution. It is an omnichannel call center solution which supports all major communication modes. It also has some amazing features and add-ons to benefit support centers. We offer the best in the industry omnichannel call center software solution to support centers so they can gain multiple advantages”, shared spokesperson of the company.

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an IT company. Its headquarter is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore cities in India. It also has a presence in Mexico and the USA. The company offers various unified communication solutions. DialShree is one of the major products offered by the company. It is an omnichannel call center software that helps support centers to grow. To know more about DialShree, please visit

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