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Elision Announced the Launch of Cloud Call Center Solution

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Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as Elision, is a leading VoIP company. The company offers multiple unified communication solutions and DialShree is one of the most popular solutions offered by the company. Until this announcement, the company used to offer only on-premises setup of DialShree: Call Center Solution. However, recently, the spokesperson of the company announced that Elision will offer cloud call center solutions to interested customers.

The experts of the company will not only offer cloud call center software, but they will also take care of all other required steps and actions to provide a fully functional cloud call center solution to its customer.

As per the shared details, the company will offer both, traditional and omnichannel call center solution versions of DialShree under this program. It means the call centers can choose which software and features they want to have in their cloud software.

“We have been offering the most advanced call center solution in the global market, called, DialShree. On the very specific demand of a customer, we had offered a cloud-based call center solution in the past. Generally, an on-premises solution has been the preferred choice of call center and that is why that is what we have been offering. However, now the circumstances are changed. Thus, we have decided to offer a cloud call center solution to all customers”, shared spokesperson of Elision.

He further added, “We still offer on-premises DialShree software, so customers can use that also if they prefer. On the other hand, cloud call center solution has its own pros, and thus, if clients need that we also have expertise in offering that.”
According to the shared details, this cloud call center software will offer many benefits other than advanced features and functionalities. Some of the benefits shared by the spokesperson of the company are listed below:

• Greater flexibility
• Safe use of the software from anywhere, at anytime
• Pay as you go model to give cost benefits
• Reduced expenses
• Increased performance
• Higher security
• Better quality of calls
• Supreme customer services
• And more

As per the shared details, Elision offers various versions of DialShree such as:

• PRI-based call center solution
• Global call center software
• Call center solution for collection companies
• Call center solution India
• Call center solution Philippines
• And more

The company will offer a cloud solution for all the above-mentioned types of software.

Elision has already started serving their existing customers that want to switch to the cloud solution. Furthermore, the company has shown readiness to cater to the prospects that are looking for a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud-based call center solution.

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an Indian company that caters to its customers for more than 12 years with unified communication solutions. The company offers various software and services to empower business communication. DialShree: Cloud Call Center Solution is one of the offerings of the company. To know more about it, visit

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